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My Favorite: Podcasts

I listen to podcasts constantly. They can be informative or funny but they are always entertaining and can be listened to in even the shortest of down-time. Here is a quick summary of each of my favorites.

  • Hello Internet
    • The best “Two Dudes Talking” podcast out there. CGP Grey and Brady Haran are both very smart and different in the best ways possible.
  • Cortex
    • Another podcast with CGP Grey, but this time with Mike Hurley where they talk about work and productivity.
  • The Complete Guide to Everything
    • It would be more accurately named, “The Complete Guide to Nothing,” but after 1 episode you will feel like best friends with Tim and Tom as they hilariously stumble through a topic every week.
  • Reply All
    • Reply all is an extremely well produced podcast that investigates interesting stories around the internet.
  • Under the Radar
    • A great podcast about self-employment and iOS development hosted by Marco Armet (creator of Instapaper and Overcast) and _DavidSmith (creator of all fitness++ apps).
  • If I Were You
    • Jake and Amir of college humor make fun of/ give advice to listeners for the most minor of problems.
  • FiveThirtyEight Politics
    • The most un-biased political resource I’ve found. Instead of reporting news based on opinion and un-biased selection, 538 analyzes the statistics and probabilities of politics.

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