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How You Can Help Save Online Poker Using Automation

Politicians aren’t going to fight for something they don’t hear about. I was listening to Jason Somerville in an interview and he mentioned asking a politician why this wasn’t a larger issue and he said because he get’s 10x more Tweets, emails, and Phone calls every year about pot holes in their neighborhood than they do about brining back one of the most American games in the world to their state.

So I’m proposing a solution that will put this topic in their ear exponentially more time for only 5 minutes of your time. All you need is a email account and to set up IFTTT to automate sending an email to your Legislator every month.

How To Set Up Your Automated Email

  1. Create an IFTTT account here
  2. Enable this Applet
  3. In the “To address” field put as many email addresses as you can find from the PPA Website here separated by commas
  4. Hit save and you’re finished!


What this will do is keep poker in the minds of the people that can bring it back and for only a few minutes of work, every month they will get more emails than the month before about bringing back regulated online poker to America!


Note from the author:

Feel free to share this post if you want to help get people on board. But I also encourage you to take this text word for word and post it on your own blogs, emails lists, or website. Even keep this piece here so those people share it as well. The poker community in America is still large and vibrant and I do not want to see it wither away. I honestly think something as simple as this can make online poker a real conversation again for very little work using automation.

Thank you for listening.

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